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Flow Companies Manager in Training Program

Flow Companies is offering, to a select number of recent college graduates, the opportunity to learn the intricacies and benefits of a career in the retail automotive industry. Flow Companies’ intention is to utilize the Manager in Training (MIT) Program as a source to develop future senior managers of the company. The MIT Program is intended to find and recruit students who we deem have the capacity to ascend to senior leadership positions in our dealerships, including General Manager. To this end, Flow Companies will provide salary-based employment for those college graduates selected for this opportunity.

There are two channels designated for this opportunity, both of which MIT employees are expected to experience: the service department and the sales department. It is anticipated that the initial assessment and growth of MIT candidates will take approximately two years, dependent upon the progress and performance of the candidate and the availability of advancement opportunities.

As a candidate is trained and assumes a specific role in the dealership, a comprehensive plan of training and performance goals will be set forth by each direct manager.The candidate will be responsible for their own performance and Flow Companies will do everything it can to provide the tools and training necessary for success. When those performance goals are met and exceeded, it is understood that a MIT would generally earn more than the offered salary in a standard pay plan for that position. The candidate, at any time and at their sole discretion, may opt to rescind the salaried pay plan and choose the normal commission structure for that position.

The comprehensive selection process, including multiple interviews, a background check, and a battery of testing instruments, is designed to identify top candidates. Under no circumstances is the two year anticipated growth and assessment period to be considered a contract for employment.

MIT Candidates will become full employees of Flow Companies and therefore eligible for an array of benefits provided our employees:

  • a comprehensive health care plan that includes medical, dental, a discounted prescription program and minimal life insurance employee fitness center
  • a 401K retirement plan (eligible after one year of employment)
  • vacation, personal and floating holidays based upon date of hire - Flow Companies provides a work schedule that allows for an optimization of income coupled with a balanced lifestyle

Flow Companies has been serving the community for over 60 years and currently represents 20 brands through 37 franchises in 7 cities across 2 states employing over 1,200 people. Our growth has been driven by a strategy to attract and develop high achieving people of outstanding character, who are committed to operational excellence and to providing extraordinary personal service. We have been voted a “Reader's Choice" as the best place to purchase a car, rated in the Top 10 Places to Work, and have twice been awarded the BBB Marketplace Ethics Award in our community.
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Internships at Flow Companies

Flow Companies offers limited internship possibilities at this time. Please submit your resume with cover letter to — please include your expectations for timing, the reason(s) you are interested in pursuing and internship in the automotive retail industry, as well as references. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.